High Times Cannabis Cup Champs: The Grower Circle

The results are in and The Grower Circle is honored and humbled to announce first-place finishes in Best Indicia and Best Infused PreRoll.

Vegas’s own The Growers Circle placed first statewide out of 17 competitors in the Best Indica Flower category – the largest category of the Nevada cannabis market. Also coming out on top out of five different infused pre-rolls.

The honor of a first-place finish in a High Times Cannabis Cup brings more than a trophy, known to create instant brand recognition and a spot among the Cannabis industry’s elite.

Additionally, TGC worked in collaboration with City Trees who placed first out of seven in Sativa Concentrates and Sativa Vape.

Indica Flower


Gary Payton X Cosa Nostra


Infused Pre-Roll

Cosa Nostra

Glow x Face on Fire #9

Sativa Concentrates

City Trees w/ The Grower Circle

Apricot Crumble Sativa Live Resin Sauce

Sativa Vape Pen

City Trees w/ The Grower Circle

Apricot Crumble Sativa Live Resin Vape

Since 1988 High Times cannabis cup has been one of the most recognized and respected cannabis competitions in the world. Due to the pandemic High Times was forced to get creative, and this year their first-ever High Times Cannabis Cup: Peoples Choice was born.

Those interested in judging the event were sent out kits full of competition samples and a scorecard to leave detailed comments on Aesthetics, Aroma, Taste, Effects, and other qualities.