Our flower is always cultivated in small batches, flushed methodically, and cured with proprietary techniques to ensure the perfect balance of moisture, flavor, and fragrance (terpenes), and always packaged in glass to keep the product fresh. Our exotic cultivars are what sets us apart. We’ve won multiple awards and maintained a strong reputation by working with the most sought-after strains, both bred in-house and from the best breeders in the industry.


Our connoisseur flower naturally paves the way for superior concentrates. We produce both solvent and solventless concentrates, and collaborate with the best extractors in the world – including our award-winning collaborations with Moxie.


Our pre-rolls are always made with 100% flower, with all the flavor and fragrance along with it.


Our genetic library is unparalleled. From our in-house breeding program to our collaborations with the best breeders in the world, we work with the most exclusive, and unreleased cultivars the world has to offer.